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The Carl Heinrich von Heineken Society (registered association)

The Carl Heinrich von Heineken Society was established in 2016 and aims to explore the work and life of the founder of modern print studies. Building on Heineken’s Idée générale …

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Carl Heinrich von Heineken (1707-1791): His Origin and His Dresden Years

Carl Heinrich von Heineken was baptised in Lübeck on 24 December 1707. He was descended from a family in which the arts were deeply rooted. His parents, Paul Heineken and …

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Carl Heinrich von Heineken in Altdöbern

In 1742 Heineken married Friederike Magdalene, the only daughter of the electoral Hofküchenmeister (Chief Master of the Kitchen) Johann Jacob Nöller. They had three children: Caroline Henrietta who died at …

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Carl Heinrich von Heineken: Landlord in the Niederlausitz

Through intensified agriculture and the foundation of new manufactories, Heineken turned Altdöbern into a commendable estate. The most significant improvements were introduced shortly before the Seven Years’ War. Heineken not …

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Carl Heinrich von Heineken’s Writings

Heineken published primarily art historical texts but also treatises on the economy, the law, the sciences, politics, and philosophy. One of his first publications was “Dionysius Longin vom Erhabenen” (1737) …

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Carl Heinrich von Heineken in the Learned World

Heineken was a prolific writer of letters. He established an enduring and fruitful acquaintanceship with the Parisian connoisseur and print dealer Pierre-Jean Mariette. The two connoisseurs debated attribution questions and …

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Carl Heinrich von Heineken: Art Dealer and Collector

Only few of Heineken’s contemporaries were aware that the Keeper of the Royal Works of Art was not merely a scholar and writer but also actively engaged in the art …

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Heinrich Count von Brühl (1700-1763)

The determining figure in Carl Heinrich von Heineken’s life was the Saxon Prime Minister Heinrich Count von Brühl. During the reign of King Augustus III it was Brühl who shaped …

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The Folder

Download the folder on Altdöbern  

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Heineken’s House in Dresden

Heineken and his family owned a house next to the Taschenberg Hill in the town centre of Dresden, in close proximity to his two patrons and directly attached to the …

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The Bollensdorf Estate

After the death of Heineken in 1791, Altdöbern was inherited by his son Carl Friedrich who sold the entire estate on economic grounds in 1797. One reason for this was …

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Carl Friedrich von Heineken, Chamberlain to the King of Poland, was first married to Anna Ernestine von Tümpling on 30 September 1777. Tragically, this marriage lasted only for a brief …

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